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IGNITED by J. Kenner, Cover

A grifter tries to go straight and build an honest life in Chicago. She has a real job, a house under contract, and a guy with whom she would like full-body contact. It’s probably not going to go entirely smoothly,… Audio Book Review. MORE

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Sunday Post: Leftovers

What gets leftover from dinner often feeds me all week when the DH is away. I do that with banners for books in a series too (no, they don’t eat my leftovers — I’m making an analogy here people!). Check out what I posted on last week and what’s coming up! Thanks for coming by! MORE

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On Sundays I love to participate in the SUNDAY POST — a meme is hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
Kimba The Sunday Post
Thanks Kimba for organizing the meme! It’s a chance to look back on the week, look at what is important and maybe what was not important. I also like to do as Kimba suggests and visit three new blogs on the meme each week!

This week my husband was away for meeting is Southern California all week. It’s lonely for me, but I do keep busy reading, blogging, and listening to books.

When he is away will usually eat leftovers all week from one or two dishes I made over the weekend, but this week I made a nice pasta primavera and a turkey meatloaf.   I felt I kept to my diet well and was rewarded with a positive scale experience.  I am so scale neurotic that when I go to the doctor I won’t look. I have a certain scale ritual and if I deviate and see a result I don’t like I get upset. Look below to see how I use leftovers in some of my graphics!

This past week I had so many good books to read. listen to and give away:

THURSDAY:  RISKY GAME with giveaway
SATURDAY: REVIEW REDUX with giveaway BLOOD GAMES by Chloe Neilll

Next week I have four things planned: The recap of this week’s episode of OUTLANDER, a review of J. Kenner’s IGNITED audiobook, HOW THE SCOUNDREL SEDUCES by Sabrina Jeffries, and THE SAINT by Tiffany Reisz.

I will probably have BORROWING ALEX by Cindy Proctor King

I made quite  a few good graphics; my fave is the Stephanie Plum NJ license plate icon and I remade the International Intrigue Icon to be easier to read.:


Banners for each post were made, but, I will often use leftovers, the same background or theme, for a series or a feature.
For Example:

For Tracy Solheim’s Out of Bounds Series, I use the same art I painted in Photoshop but I switch it up each time.

Then again: I will change stuff for a series as well, if I am so inspired, or if I am unsatisfied.  I am hesitant to use artwork from OUTLANDER even under fair use allowances for graphics in reviews, so I scour the web for public domain images of Scotland and Highlander, kilts, etc. This week I found this which seemed apt for a rent collecting road trip.

OUTLANDER Episode 105, Rent Banner
What do you think of the new OUTLANDER Series. Have any Historical questions I can research?

And for THE WITCH WITH NO NAME I went with images of Fountain Square in Cincinnati and the covers of the other novels in the series:

SUNDAY POST: Leftovers On Sundays I love to participate in the SUNDAY POST — a meme is hosted by…

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RISKY GAME: What Do You Hide? -

Features a THREE Audiobook Giveaway! US Shipping/18 and older. This is too hot your anyone younger than that.

Brody is hiding his blood sugar issues from his team and the public. But he can’t hide it from the sexy intern in the Blaze dining room. And, he can’t trust her either. MORE

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THE WITCH WITH NO NAME Brings the Hollows Home

This is the last book in Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series and again features Witch-demon Rachel Morgan, her friends and partners, Ivy and Jenks, and her boss and romantic interest Trent. Again, Rachel has to save the world from a Vampire Apocalypse, the end of the Ever After and Trent’s shrewish ex-fiancee.  MORE